Who We Are?

Partnerships are defined by the people involved, and ours are exceptional. Our associates understand the big picture and embrace their role in it. What separates Seabird International from our peers is the ability to focus on work while contemplating what's next. Our passion to find better and smarter ways of doing things is the driving force behind our business. It takes a lot of passion to transform ideas into effective solutions – and even more to turn those into products and services which contribute to your success.

We understand that people are your most valuable resource, too. Our goal is to increase their potential, while making them even more productive. By trusting us with your supply chain management, or even a portion of it, you'll give your people more time to focus on their jobs and your success. We give them the benefit of our experience, and the insight to make more informed decisions.

Whether your company is a multinational or a smaller enterprise serving international markets, our Customer service team understands your needs and is determined to make the seemingly impossible become possible. Together we'll make your business better.


In our actions and our dealings with others, we will

  • Respect the rule of law,
  • Promise only what we expect to deliver,
  • Not knowingly mislead others,
  • Not participate in unacceptable business practices,
  • Physical distribution
  • Fulfill our obligations and commitments,
  • Treat people with respect and dignity,
  • Never deliberately do harm to anyone.

We expect the same commitments from third parties acting on Seabird International's behalf.
We will work to build long-term relationships which are founded upon high performance standards, delivering our promises and conducting our business with openness and flexibility.